10 July 2014

[SHARING] Fighting Moderate Acne For 7 Years + My Daily Skincare Routine (Part 2/2)


A lot of you guys kept asking what products I am using at the moment in ask.fm HAHA :D

Aaaaand as I've promised,
In this part 2 I'm going to share with you guys my daily skincare routine and all the products I've always used for my facial skincare.

I'm not really that lazy when it comes to my facial skincare, believe me I don't mind putting more than one product on my face.
I'll always groom myself before I sleep no matter how sleepy I am!

One of my friends once laughed at me applying all my skincare while standing like a zombie and dozing off HAHA.
Keep in mind that that sleeping with a cleansed, moisturized face is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY effective in improving your skin, you can totally see the difference in the morning!
So it's great to make this a habit right before you go to bed! :)

Let's go step by step :)

1. Cleanser
2. Exfoliator
3. Moisturizer
4. Masks

1. Cleansing products

(A) Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion
This product is my very first step of my daily routine in the morning right after I wake up and after a sweaty day out or even before applying my make up.
It is a cleansing lotion in a pump bottle. 
I usually pump 2-3 times onto cotton pad to swipe all over my face.
Not only it cleanse my face from oil/dirt, it removes make-up very effectively too!
What I love is that I do not have to rinse this off after usage.
Great for people who are too lazy to wash their faces after removing make up (just like me, lolz) because this product does not leave any oily residue like most make-up removers do.
They have different types of product for different skin but I am using this Sebum one because I have VERY OILY skin.
So far it does not sting or cause any irritation on my very sensitive skin! :)

Price : around SGD $16
Where : Watsons, Guardian

(B) Cetaphil Oil-Control Foam Wash
This facial foam is also a pump bottle, and it is only available for purchase in hospitals / clinic and not in drugstores.
Perfect for people with acne-prone oily skin, but sometimes it dries my skin a little too much if used too often, so I use on alternate days with (C).

Price : SGD $20? not really sure :/

Where : Clinic/hospital drugstores

(C) Toleriane, La Roche-Posay
This facial wash is probably the ultimate saviour for my skin HAHA
It always works to calm down my rashes, itchiness or redness and even inflammation.
Definitely recommended for people with intolerable and sensitive skin ;)
Although it's pretty costy, one tub REALLY GOES A LONG WAY!
FYI, all of my family members are using this brand for their facial wash ever since I introduced it to them!
It usually lasts about 2 months for me :)

Price : around SGD $35
Where : Watsons, Guardian, Unity

2. Exfoliating products

(A) iDerm Aesthetics
This exfoliation scrub is from my dermatologist :) so you can't get in in public unless you go to the clinic I go to, BUT... it is similar with (B)

Price : SGD $25

(B) Natural Aqua Gel - CURE
This product is one of the bestsellers in Japan!
I have to admit it is REAAALLY good to exfoliate dead skin cells, I've recommended this to alot of my friends and they all loved it!
Don't believe me? Google up CURE review and see what the world says about it!

At first before buying CURE I kinda cringed at the price tag but I decided to give it a try anyway! 
I still have my 1st bottle half-full after almost half a year so I gotta say it's a pretty good investment :p

Once every week / 2 weeks is perfect to remove dirty & dead skin cells. :)

Price : SGD $49
Where : Watsons

3. Moisturizing products

(A) Nano-Spray
This device is now very popular in my country (Indonesia) and I'm pretty surprised to see it being sold in front of my school (booths in front of POMO) at a quite affordable price.
The "real" device costs about SGD $250 in Indonesia, but mine was bought with discount (from $98 becomes $38)
Prolly not the original one but whatever la, it works like a real one anyway HAHAHAH :p
What's special about this device that it sprays mist which is supposedly as small as a nano particle, unlike mineral sprays (E), the nano-spray mist is easier to penetrate and absorbed by the layers of your skin, which moisturize your skin even deeper.
You can refill it using any water (tap water, oxygenated water, evian, fiji, etc), and recharge the device using USB plug.
Whenever I bring this spray to school it's always passed around by my friends cause it's damn refreshing and cooling HAHAH :)
Definitely worth giving a try :)

Price : SGD $38
Where : Booths in POMO

(B) iDerm Aesthetics
Moisturizer given by my skin doctor :)

Price : $50

(C) Kanebo - Impress PT Essence
This serum/essence works to moisturize and minimize pores at the same time.
I only apply it to my oily area (T-Zone) and it works pretty well to reduce my sebum and also as a make-up base :)

Price : SGD $50-$60
Where : Any Kanebo/Shiseido outlet

(D) Utena COllagen Mist Lotion

Collagen lotion in a spray bottle.
I only use this once in a while when my skin is really dry as this products really moisturize my skin, it tends to make it rather oily if used too much.
Quite good for makeup base :)

 Price : $10
Where : Sasa

(E) Bio-Essence Spray
Just like any other mineral spray (La-Roche-Posay, Vichy, Bioderma, Avene, etc), this products act as a mild moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and it has soothing properties for sensitive skin.
Although it might seem that they're just water in a spray can, they have higher minerals than ordinary water.
I always buy mini-size ones so I can bring whenever I go out :)

Price : around SGD $10
Where : Watsons, Guardian

4. Masks

(A) REvival Mud Mask
Bought from a tourist shop near the Dead Sea when I went to Jordan for holiday, this mask pretty much works like (B) as a mask since they are both mud masks :)

(B) Kiehl's RARE EARTH Masque
I've done a full review on this previously, you can read everything about it here :

Kiehl's Rare Earth Masque Review

Price : SGD $40
Where : Kiehl's outlet

these are all the products I always use on a daily basis (some are used once every week / 2 weeks, like masks and exfoliator).

It's really important to spare some time EVERY DAY to pamper your skin by moisturizing it and make sure that you take care of it to improve its condition! :)

Feel free to always ask me any questions on my ask.fm/querramellca !
I'll help as much as I could hehe 

 Thanks for reading! ♥
Stay sexaye, alright!♥

Huggies & Kissies,

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