29 March 2013

♥ Green ✖ Magenta Hair ♥ & Happy 18th to ME!


Raa here!
Finally gonna share with you guys about my dyed hair recently!
Crazy Colours : Green and Magenta! (more like peacock feathers LOL)

Previously, before CNY I dyed the lower section of my hair hot pink, 
 it wasn't that obvious as it was covered by the rest of my upper hair layer 
whenever I put my hair down.
The only way to make the colour stand out was 
to tie my hair / bun it / to do curls.

I loved my hot pink hair a lot!
Just that I was kinda wishing I should've dyed more hair 
or at least make it abit more obvious.

Having crazy colours hair is so FUN like srsly.
I really feel a person should at least do it once in a lifetime like, for FUN!
( YOLO! like what ppl always say. )

But tbh it was quite troublesome..
I had to re-dye every month or so.
Crazy colours won't really stay on your hair forever like normal dyes. 
My pink coloured hair fades after 3-4 weeks. 

The dye I used for my hot pink was 
Manic Panic : Hot Hot Pink (Amplified) 

I got it from Rhetorical online shop in facebook for a good price.
I'm very satisfied with their quick delivery!
They have other products for hair and make-up too!
Check them out (especially crazy colours lovers!) :

Trust me, Manic Panic is an awesome brand!
The colour always turns out as bright as expected,
It can last quite long (around a month)!
Most important thing is that it doesn't really ruin your hair or make it dry.
I recommend using Manic Panic
especially if you self-dye your hair.

Sometimes I wish all those smartypants hair scientists 
could use their brain a little bit more 
to invent a permanent hair dye for crazy colours!!!
Will totally save the trouble for all those people 
who spend all their money to keep going back to the salon to redye!

But no matter how annoying (and expensive D'=) 
it was for me to have bleached & dyed hair,
still I'm itchy to keep on having crazy colours and dye my hair..
It's worth it!

There were times when I really wanted to just bleach 
my effin whole head and dye my hair 
purple or pink or green or RAINBOW?

I don't know.
Whatever it is, I was really determined to do it at some point.

Nah. Heck No. 
I don't have the balls like Nicki Minaj to have all those colourful hair.
Hi there.
SO, few days ago I really just cannot take it anymore!
whenever I see so many pretty colourful hair all over IG or Tumblr 
I just HAD to call Gene ( my favourite hair stylist ) 
and book an appointment with her ASAP.

I went to Gene's salon yesterday to get my hair done..
She greeted me with her cheerful wide smile like always!
I didn't even choose any colour and I trusted everything up to her.. 
I'm just sure it's gonna be F-awesome!

Here's a glimpse of what happened that day!

Bleaching Process! 

Dying Process! 
Wheatgrass, anyone? (=.=)"
* Do you know that one shot of wheatgrass = 1.25 kg of fresh green veggies?! (o_O) *
Wash + Blowdry!


Gene did her magic again and did some hairdos for me! ♥
Braided bun!

Last but not least, big thanks to Gene!

Hairivera (Hair and Nail Bar) Salon
is a newly opened salon in Boat Quay!
They're having a really great promotion at the moment 
so I recommend all you guys to check it out!

I really love friendly and patient all the staffs are..
they really know and understand what customer wants. 
It's probably the best salon for me with such an affordable price! 
I would definitely recommend Gene for her outstanding service..

I loved, loved, loved how my hair turned out to be like!
I was shocked at how healthy my hair feels..
It's so smooth and silky even after all the bleaching.

I'm sure I'll be back for more!
Thanks Gene! xoxo

Contact her to make an appointment! :)

Genevieve Chong
Hairivera Salon
6 Lorong Telok Boat Quay
(5 mins walk from Clarke Quay/Raffles Place MRT)

Thanks for reading!
Aaaand YAY!
Happy 18th birthday to me..

Stay sexaye alright!♥ 

Huggies & Kissies,


Jae Chin said...

that's a nice & interesting post!!! :) cant wait to see more...blog often girl~~~~ hehe....

Anonymous said...


Bo said...

I absolutely love your hair! It looks amazing in that plaited bun!
You're so brave for choosing such bright colours :)

I nominated you for The Versitile Blogger Award, check out my post: http://aboutboblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/i-am-ironman.html

xx Bo

lovalica said...

omg! your hair so adorable! i love the bright colours, hot hot pink such realy cute on you. i cant wait your next review! btw you're so pretty :D

rollz said...

happy belated birthday! :)
your hair is awesome!!

Querra Mellca said...

Thanks !! :)

Querra Mellca said...

Thanks for being so sweet and thanks for the nomination!!

Love, x