23 March 2013

♥ First post ♥

Hi! ♥

This is my first post in my revamped blog!
I'm just probably gonna talk about nonsensical rubbish but...
I FEEL SO HAPPY to see the blog became so colourful!
Yayyy! =]


I can't believe I've never touched this blog at all since 2008. (-.-)
I don't even know why did I make a blog back then, haha!
I loathed writing and I'm not good at it! D=
Well, whatever it is I did the best that I could to make this blog as pretty as I can.

Now that I have this blog resurrected from the dead...
And I am somehow more knowledgable about how social media works.
(Or at least that's how I feel....)

I'm gonna try my best to spare some time and keep this blog updated,
along with my facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube..
(and the list goes on and on...)

Most probably I'll be posting about every single thing in my daily activities that I feel would be useful to share to all of you, especially girls 

I'll be sharing about awesome mouth-watering food and places to go and maybe do reviews on them.
I will write about my travelling experiences too and how awesome my trips are!
I dance frequently and sing covers sometimes so I'll be sharing videos as well!

I camwhore A LOT HAHA!
Especially when I'm all gorgeously dressed up.
Oh how I love dressing up!
(Come on, I know I'm not the only one here HOHOHO)
So get ready to be spammed with my faces all over from all kinds of angles and different kinds of poses. LOL...

I might do reviews on products
I have never really done it before,
but who knows! 
I might do alot of them since I do spend a lot on beauty products!
And by a lot, i meant ABSOLUTELY OVERSPEND. Sigh.
(Don't even get me started on how many bottles of lotions, or lip glosses I have..........)
I'll also blog about apparels and of course, post pictures..


It's funny how all my close friends always stop me from shopping too much and kept telling me the way I shop is oh-so-unhealthy. LOL.

I'll probably also be posting about my random thoughts about life too!

I hope all of you are keen on following my (hopefully) magical fun life and reading my blog.
And I hope my posts are decent  and useful to be shared!

Stay sexaye alright! ♥

Huggies & kissies,
♥ Raa ♥


Vanessa said...

Nice post...I like your new blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Vanessa said...

Thank you so much for the follow.^^
Follow you back on bloglovin.
Lovely greets

Bo said...

Cute blog! Can't wait to see your future posts.
I'm following you on Bloglovin' now, feel free to follow me too :)


Marine L. said...

Hey i followed you can you follow me back ? And you're very prety !


Marine xx

Jezz Dallas said...

Such a cute blog!! You´re so pretty!! Wanna follow each other? Let me know!


imfashionstoned said...

cute post! love it:)