22 May 2013

[REVIEW] Kiehl's - Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque


It has been sucha long time since I last written
Gosh... I've been really busy :(

But ta-daaa!

I'm back today with a review of a product I've recently bought
It's a facemask from Kiehl's

(I've always been a Kiehl's fan as their products are gentle for my sensitive skin
and as soon as I saw the extremely big ad for this product 
I'm just so, so itchy to buy it LOL)

The retail price for a tub should be around Singapore $40 (315k rupiah),
it's pretty worth it as one tub could last for a year
or even more, depending on how often you use it.

So after a short consultation, pretty much I get the idea of how to use it, what the mask does to your skin, and what the main ingredients are used in the mask.

This mask is made out of Amazonian White Clay,
oatmeal, aloe vera and other ingredients sourced from the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River!
(placebo effect much? :p)

what it's supposed to do is to 

Seems pretty tempting to try on huh? ;)
Especially for me, my oily skin and how unattractive my pores are
as I have all these little scars due to my 
severe acne during my early teenage years

It could be used for normal to oily skin, 
I don't recommend this to people with 
dry skin as it's supposed to get rid of excess sebum..

What impresses me is how there is no weird/strong smell of whatsoever 
as other clay masks that I've tried always smell so earthy :(

This light grey mask has a smooth texture 
It feels very light and watery.

The dermatologist in Kiehl's advised me to put a 
pretty thick layer for it to work better on the skin,

and it will turn hard in a few minutes
(That's what she said...LOL)
so you only need to leave it for around 5 minutes then rinse
it off with lukewarm water


I applied the mask using a foundation brush, 
I feel that it's more hygienic than using your hands,
or is it just me? nvm haha!
Some things I realized was that the mask gave a slight tingling feeling as soon as I put it on,
I felt rather skeptical at first as I thought the ingredients
were too harsh for my sensitive skin thus the burning feeling,

BUT the burning feeling faded eventually,
replaced by a rather cool and relaxing feeling :)
so pretty much it's good, 

I rinse it using a facial sponge and cold water,
the mask did not overdry my skin and thank goodness,
it didn't leave any itchiness so it's safe for me!
It also made my skin glow (like what most masks do)

I realized that after rinsing my skin, 
the pores are slighty smaller (less inflamed) and I could see
some whiteheads and blackheads popping out of my pores,
It was so easy to press them out to clean it,
so that's indeed one plus point for this mask! :)

I'll give this mask a rating of 8.5 out of 10!
Do let me know what you think if you tried this on too! :D

All products above are purchased by me, thus they weren't sponsored nor for free. These are all my honest personal opinions regarding the product.
On the event that I do receive a free sample, product, or discount I would state it in the individual blog post. :)

Stay sexaye, alright!♥

Huggies & Kissies,

08 April 2013

♥ Special Effects [Make Up] at COSMOPROF Academy ♥


Another post about the recent makeover session I've done
at COSMOPROF Academy!

This time my makeup artist was Regina Permatasari Sutanto!
with Regina :)
She did a special effects make up on my face.
She wanted to make me look gothic gorgeous
yet make me look horrendous as well.


To create a big knife slice on my face,
To make me drip blood from my bruised lips,
make it seem as if I got punched or something.
To make one of my cheekbone badly bruised.

she's just gonna make me look fucked up 
and I'll still be all sexaye and hot!
If that makes sense.....

So I was supposedly some kind of fighter (?)
(Just imagine asian Lara Croft with green & pink hair)
all beaten up and wounded.


I've always wanted to see how those artists 
make people on Halloween Day look super scary
and they always look so real!

So I found out that human skin coloured clay
was used to kinda create fake extra flesh to 
make it possible to create a fake cut.

Then after that different paint colours were applied to the
fake-wound to make it seem bruised / swollen
All the paint and fake blood!
Lastly, fake blood is put on the cut to make
it looks even more real.

I was a bit disgusted and amazed at myself
by the time Regina finished the makeup
I couldn't stop taking pictures LOL.

Though I ended up looking like one of the zombies
 in Walking Dead instead of Lara Croft 
It's still awesome!

The school photographer also took some 
studio pictures of me for Regina's portfolio.
I haven't seen the pics but 
It was such a fun day! :)

Here's some pics with other models and other friends!

 Stay sexaye, alright! ♥

Huggies & Kissies,

05 April 2013

♥ A Day at COSMOPROF Academy [MakeUp Model] ♥

Hi! ♥

I'll be sharing about what I did today!
I spent the whole afternoon in COSMOPROF Academy
as a makeup model for Annastasia Natasa 
(she was my makeup artist for today)

Last week, my bestfriend's sister told me that her friend, 
Natasa (the makeup artist) was looking for someone 
to be her model for her final make-up exam.
She is currently undergoing a makeup course for her 
Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry
at COSMOPROF Academy and graduating soon.

So she recommended me to Natasa to be her model..
I heard from Natasa that the reason was just because
I LOVE putting makeup on and dressing up
I LOVE taking pictures and having photoshoots!
( Meh. so paiseh to be vain HAHA)

Though I doubt that I'm the perfect model for her,
Still being forever-thick-skinned,
I immediately said YES
since I'm free and really have nothing better to do HAHA!
Besides, it's always fun to have 
someone do a makeover for you, RIGHT!

So for those of you who wonders 
what on earth is COSMOPROF Academy,
It's basically an academy that offers a wide range 
of makeup artistry courses to meet all your makeup needs.
They teach students how to do their own day/night 
party make up looks, bridal, fashion, studio, airbrush makeup, 
hairstyling, and even theatre and special effects makeup.

Look at all these makeup. HEAVENLY!
Interested for a makeup course?
For more information, do visit their website here.

I went in and registered myself as model and got this tag, pretty cool!

For the exam, 
Natasa did a NIGHT BRIDAL makeup look for me!
(which was gorgeous!)
and all that has to be done in AN HOUR.


I really feel that's such a short time to do
a complicated perfect bridal makeup!
She did the makeup very well 
and I loved it SO MUCH I didn't wanna remove it..

But I soon realized I didn't wanna be seen walking in town
with a cakey, mannequin-like face
because the thickness of foundation on my face
was just...................

BUT, I took some pics (DUH,OF COURSE) 
before removing it! 
Here are some before-NAY and after-YAY pics of me
and pics of the Academy. 

Weapons ready HAHA!
Getting ready for a nose-job HAHAHA

With Natasa :D
So yes I had a fun day!
Ended the day with Astons Dinner

Thanks so much to Natasa for the awesome makeup and dinner treat!
Can't wait for tomorrow's portfolio shoot!
Natasa will be doing special-effects creepy bloody make-up for me
and fashion makeup!

So stay updated, okay ;)


Huggies & Kissies,

PoMo, #04-06
One Selegie Road
(Near Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Singapore 188306
Tel : (65) 6339 9115

29 March 2013

♥ Green ✖ Magenta Hair ♥ & Happy 18th to ME!


Raa here!
Finally gonna share with you guys about my dyed hair recently!
Crazy Colours : Green and Magenta! (more like peacock feathers LOL)

Previously, before CNY I dyed the lower section of my hair hot pink, 
 it wasn't that obvious as it was covered by the rest of my upper hair layer 
whenever I put my hair down.
The only way to make the colour stand out was 
to tie my hair / bun it / to do curls.

I loved my hot pink hair a lot!
Just that I was kinda wishing I should've dyed more hair 
or at least make it abit more obvious.

Having crazy colours hair is so FUN like srsly.
I really feel a person should at least do it once in a lifetime like, for FUN!
( YOLO! like what ppl always say. )

But tbh it was quite troublesome..
I had to re-dye every month or so.
Crazy colours won't really stay on your hair forever like normal dyes. 
My pink coloured hair fades after 3-4 weeks. 

The dye I used for my hot pink was 
Manic Panic : Hot Hot Pink (Amplified) 

I got it from Rhetorical online shop in facebook for a good price.
I'm very satisfied with their quick delivery!
They have other products for hair and make-up too!
Check them out (especially crazy colours lovers!) :

Trust me, Manic Panic is an awesome brand!
The colour always turns out as bright as expected,
It can last quite long (around a month)!
Most important thing is that it doesn't really ruin your hair or make it dry.
I recommend using Manic Panic
especially if you self-dye your hair.

Sometimes I wish all those smartypants hair scientists 
could use their brain a little bit more 
to invent a permanent hair dye for crazy colours!!!
Will totally save the trouble for all those people 
who spend all their money to keep going back to the salon to redye!

But no matter how annoying (and expensive D'=) 
it was for me to have bleached & dyed hair,
still I'm itchy to keep on having crazy colours and dye my hair..
It's worth it!

There were times when I really wanted to just bleach 
my effin whole head and dye my hair 
purple or pink or green or RAINBOW?

I don't know.
Whatever it is, I was really determined to do it at some point.

Nah. Heck No. 
I don't have the balls like Nicki Minaj to have all those colourful hair.
Hi there.
SO, few days ago I really just cannot take it anymore!
whenever I see so many pretty colourful hair all over IG or Tumblr 
I just HAD to call Gene ( my favourite hair stylist ) 
and book an appointment with her ASAP.

I went to Gene's salon yesterday to get my hair done..
She greeted me with her cheerful wide smile like always!
I didn't even choose any colour and I trusted everything up to her.. 
I'm just sure it's gonna be F-awesome!

Here's a glimpse of what happened that day!

Bleaching Process! 

Dying Process! 
Wheatgrass, anyone? (=.=)"
* Do you know that one shot of wheatgrass = 1.25 kg of fresh green veggies?! (o_O) *
Wash + Blowdry!


Gene did her magic again and did some hairdos for me! ♥
Braided bun!

Last but not least, big thanks to Gene!

Hairivera (Hair and Nail Bar) Salon
is a newly opened salon in Boat Quay!
They're having a really great promotion at the moment 
so I recommend all you guys to check it out!

I really love friendly and patient all the staffs are..
they really know and understand what customer wants. 
It's probably the best salon for me with such an affordable price! 
I would definitely recommend Gene for her outstanding service..

I loved, loved, loved how my hair turned out to be like!
I was shocked at how healthy my hair feels..
It's so smooth and silky even after all the bleaching.

I'm sure I'll be back for more!
Thanks Gene! xoxo

Contact her to make an appointment! :)

Genevieve Chong
Hairivera Salon
6 Lorong Telok Boat Quay
(5 mins walk from Clarke Quay/Raffles Place MRT)

Thanks for reading!
Aaaand YAY!
Happy 18th birthday to me..

Stay sexaye alright!♥ 

Huggies & Kissies,

23 March 2013

♥ First post ♥

Hi! ♥

This is my first post in my revamped blog!
I'm just probably gonna talk about nonsensical rubbish but...
I FEEL SO HAPPY to see the blog became so colourful!
Yayyy! =]


I can't believe I've never touched this blog at all since 2008. (-.-)
I don't even know why did I make a blog back then, haha!
I loathed writing and I'm not good at it! D=
Well, whatever it is I did the best that I could to make this blog as pretty as I can.

Now that I have this blog resurrected from the dead...
And I am somehow more knowledgable about how social media works.
(Or at least that's how I feel....)

I'm gonna try my best to spare some time and keep this blog updated,
along with my facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube..
(and the list goes on and on...)

Most probably I'll be posting about every single thing in my daily activities that I feel would be useful to share to all of you, especially girls 

I'll be sharing about awesome mouth-watering food and places to go and maybe do reviews on them.
I will write about my travelling experiences too and how awesome my trips are!
I dance frequently and sing covers sometimes so I'll be sharing videos as well!

I camwhore A LOT HAHA!
Especially when I'm all gorgeously dressed up.
Oh how I love dressing up!
(Come on, I know I'm not the only one here HOHOHO)
So get ready to be spammed with my faces all over from all kinds of angles and different kinds of poses. LOL...

I might do reviews on products
I have never really done it before,
but who knows! 
I might do alot of them since I do spend a lot on beauty products!
And by a lot, i meant ABSOLUTELY OVERSPEND. Sigh.
(Don't even get me started on how many bottles of lotions, or lip glosses I have..........)
I'll also blog about apparels and of course, post pictures..


It's funny how all my close friends always stop me from shopping too much and kept telling me the way I shop is oh-so-unhealthy. LOL.

I'll probably also be posting about my random thoughts about life too!

I hope all of you are keen on following my (hopefully) magical fun life and reading my blog.
And I hope my posts are decent  and useful to be shared!

Stay sexaye alright! ♥

Huggies & kissies,
♥ Raa ♥