29 July 2014

[SPONSORSHIP] My Very First Nail Sponsor - Jacquin Nails



I am SO, SO excited to share to you guys about my very first nail sponsor ever, Jacquin Nails!

Jacquin Nails is a registered home-based nail salon that provides in-house nail services such as express and classic gelish manicure, 3D nailart, extensions, hand spa, and etc.

Located in Yio Chu Kang & Tanjong Pagar at a super accessible and comfy place with only 5-8 minutes walk from the MRT.
(However YCK nail salon, which is the actual place is still under renovation and will be done in a few months, so all services will be done in Tanjong Pagar at the moment)

- CONTACT +65 86928065 for appointment & enquiries - 

Good news :


When Jacquin Nails contacted me last week & offered me this sponsorship I absolutely couldn't resist the opportunity, especially after checking out their super cute nailarts in IG & FB!

You can check them out here too :

Fortunately, they contacted me before I fly to Japan...
SO, I was damn excited to book an appointment ASAP!

After setting an appointment date, I came down happily yesterday with my 2 best babes, Fina & Vin, who were so sweet to willingly accompany me, how lucky I am ;)

The moment I stepped into their home-salon I was greeted with lovely, warm smiles from 2 beautiful ladies, the owners of Jacquin Nails (although I was late 20 minutes for my appointment, so sorry! boohoo~)

My best babes choosing colours!
I had to admit I was immediately amazed and lovestruck.
The place looked SO ELEGANT YET HOMEY 
Just look at how nice the place is waaaaa~

The room can probably be used as a photoshoot studio as well (which was exactly what I did there HAHA) other than a nail salon! *in love*

All the gel polish colours! So pretty in pink..

After getting my nails shaped, buffed, cuticles done, it's time to get my nails polished.

I didn't have any designs in mind so I fully trusted Jacquelyn, my talented nail artist to do whatever she wanted to!
All I did was telling her my favourite colours (pink & purple) and that I must, must have some glitters! 

She came up with this simple, yet gorgeous classy nail do!

The marble design on my thumbs!

Aren't they lovely?

As you can see, my nails were done very neatly, beautifully and my cuticles are so neat OMG~ #happyraa95
My nail artist was really skillful and meticulous about details and neatness, I have nothing to worry about.

She is really sweet and friendly,
throughout the process she constantly talked to me about everything, which kept me away from boredom :)

Really felt like home and I totally enjoyed my time feeling like a princess, getting my nails pampered and beautified teehee~

Look at my bestie's nails, she got them done too! 
So pretty in blue...

SOme pretty pictures taken there~
( vain abit can ok, lighting and place so nice :p )

You can choose to do Express Gel Manicure for $25 (trim, shape, buff and single colour gel polish without cuticle work) or Classic Gel Manicure for $35 (everything include cuticle work too!)
I would recommend doing the classic one as you get your cuticles done :D

Both manicures are entitled to come back for a free soak off :)

Any additional nail art sets, 3D designs, stickers, blings, etc. has to be topped up, ranging from $15 onwards..

You get a $10 voucher* for any service on your first visit too!
*not applicable for express gel manicure
*quote using vouchers when making appointment

Be it your special occasion, public holidays, festive seasons, hen's party, any events, roadshows, or even house calls..
Do contact +65 86928065 to make your appointment and get your nails pretty!
Don't forget to mention "QM10" when making an appointment to get a 10% off for every visit 

Jacquin Nails is having a pop-up booth on 2-3 August which is this weekend!
Do remember to book an appointment beforehand and quote "QM10" for an EXTRA 10% off!

Details below :

Last but not least, thanks to my lovely babes for accompanying me for the day :D
So much love to my best babes who's always there for me..  hehe love you Fina & Vin! 

 Thanks for reading! ♥
Stay sexaye, alright!♥

Huggies & Kissies,

10 July 2014

[SHARING] Fighting Moderate Acne For 7 Years + My Daily Skincare Routine (Part 2/2)


A lot of you guys kept asking what products I am using at the moment in ask.fm HAHA :D

Aaaaand as I've promised,
In this part 2 I'm going to share with you guys my daily skincare routine and all the products I've always used for my facial skincare.

I'm not really that lazy when it comes to my facial skincare, believe me I don't mind putting more than one product on my face.
I'll always groom myself before I sleep no matter how sleepy I am!

One of my friends once laughed at me applying all my skincare while standing like a zombie and dozing off HAHA.
Keep in mind that that sleeping with a cleansed, moisturized face is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY effective in improving your skin, you can totally see the difference in the morning!
So it's great to make this a habit right before you go to bed! :)

Let's go step by step :)

1. Cleanser
2. Exfoliator
3. Moisturizer
4. Masks

1. Cleansing products

(A) Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion
This product is my very first step of my daily routine in the morning right after I wake up and after a sweaty day out or even before applying my make up.
It is a cleansing lotion in a pump bottle. 
I usually pump 2-3 times onto cotton pad to swipe all over my face.
Not only it cleanse my face from oil/dirt, it removes make-up very effectively too!
What I love is that I do not have to rinse this off after usage.
Great for people who are too lazy to wash their faces after removing make up (just like me, lolz) because this product does not leave any oily residue like most make-up removers do.
They have different types of product for different skin but I am using this Sebum one because I have VERY OILY skin.
So far it does not sting or cause any irritation on my very sensitive skin! :)

Price : around SGD $16
Where : Watsons, Guardian

(B) Cetaphil Oil-Control Foam Wash
This facial foam is also a pump bottle, and it is only available for purchase in hospitals / clinic and not in drugstores.
Perfect for people with acne-prone oily skin, but sometimes it dries my skin a little too much if used too often, so I use on alternate days with (C).

Price : SGD $20? not really sure :/

Where : Clinic/hospital drugstores

(C) Toleriane, La Roche-Posay
This facial wash is probably the ultimate saviour for my skin HAHA
It always works to calm down my rashes, itchiness or redness and even inflammation.
Definitely recommended for people with intolerable and sensitive skin ;)
Although it's pretty costy, one tub REALLY GOES A LONG WAY!
FYI, all of my family members are using this brand for their facial wash ever since I introduced it to them!
It usually lasts about 2 months for me :)

Price : around SGD $35
Where : Watsons, Guardian, Unity

2. Exfoliating products

(A) iDerm Aesthetics
This exfoliation scrub is from my dermatologist :) so you can't get in in public unless you go to the clinic I go to, BUT... it is similar with (B)

Price : SGD $25

(B) Natural Aqua Gel - CURE
This product is one of the bestsellers in Japan!
I have to admit it is REAAALLY good to exfoliate dead skin cells, I've recommended this to alot of my friends and they all loved it!
Don't believe me? Google up CURE review and see what the world says about it!

At first before buying CURE I kinda cringed at the price tag but I decided to give it a try anyway! 
I still have my 1st bottle half-full after almost half a year so I gotta say it's a pretty good investment :p

Once every week / 2 weeks is perfect to remove dirty & dead skin cells. :)

Price : SGD $49
Where : Watsons

3. Moisturizing products

(A) Nano-Spray
This device is now very popular in my country (Indonesia) and I'm pretty surprised to see it being sold in front of my school (booths in front of POMO) at a quite affordable price.
The "real" device costs about SGD $250 in Indonesia, but mine was bought with discount (from $98 becomes $38)
Prolly not the original one but whatever la, it works like a real one anyway HAHAHAH :p
What's special about this device that it sprays mist which is supposedly as small as a nano particle, unlike mineral sprays (E), the nano-spray mist is easier to penetrate and absorbed by the layers of your skin, which moisturize your skin even deeper.
You can refill it using any water (tap water, oxygenated water, evian, fiji, etc), and recharge the device using USB plug.
Whenever I bring this spray to school it's always passed around by my friends cause it's damn refreshing and cooling HAHAH :)
Definitely worth giving a try :)

Price : SGD $38
Where : Booths in POMO

(B) iDerm Aesthetics
Moisturizer given by my skin doctor :)

Price : $50

(C) Kanebo - Impress PT Essence
This serum/essence works to moisturize and minimize pores at the same time.
I only apply it to my oily area (T-Zone) and it works pretty well to reduce my sebum and also as a make-up base :)

Price : SGD $50-$60
Where : Any Kanebo/Shiseido outlet

(D) Utena COllagen Mist Lotion

Collagen lotion in a spray bottle.
I only use this once in a while when my skin is really dry as this products really moisturize my skin, it tends to make it rather oily if used too much.
Quite good for makeup base :)

 Price : $10
Where : Sasa

(E) Bio-Essence Spray
Just like any other mineral spray (La-Roche-Posay, Vichy, Bioderma, Avene, etc), this products act as a mild moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and it has soothing properties for sensitive skin.
Although it might seem that they're just water in a spray can, they have higher minerals than ordinary water.
I always buy mini-size ones so I can bring whenever I go out :)

Price : around SGD $10
Where : Watsons, Guardian

4. Masks

(A) REvival Mud Mask
Bought from a tourist shop near the Dead Sea when I went to Jordan for holiday, this mask pretty much works like (B) as a mask since they are both mud masks :)

(B) Kiehl's RARE EARTH Masque
I've done a full review on this previously, you can read everything about it here :

Kiehl's Rare Earth Masque Review

Price : SGD $40
Where : Kiehl's outlet

these are all the products I always use on a daily basis (some are used once every week / 2 weeks, like masks and exfoliator).

It's really important to spare some time EVERY DAY to pamper your skin by moisturizing it and make sure that you take care of it to improve its condition! :)

Feel free to always ask me any questions on my ask.fm/querramellca !
I'll help as much as I could hehe 

 Thanks for reading! ♥
Stay sexaye, alright!♥

Huggies & Kissies,

03 July 2014

[SHARING] Fighting Moderate Acne For 7 Years + My Daily Skincare Routine (Part 1/2)


I'm sorry for being MIA for like a year here.
I just can't really find the time to sit my freakin' ass down and write haha (sigh...)
But ever since I started an ask.fm account...

( you all can spam me questions here! ask.fm/querramellca )

I have been getting a LOT of questions regarding EVERYTHING,
though mostly it's about my makeup routine, skincare, how I got rid of my SEVERE ACNE (yes I had it 7 years back) or what's my exercise, how to lose weight and get a desirable figure, a lot of other trolling questions and so on and so forth...
Which kinda inspired me to write again and share some stuff to anyone interested to read :)

This post is dedicated to all of you who's been asking me about my battle with severe acne and my current skincare routine, or for those of you who are dealing with severe acne at the moment and needing some advice and encouragement based on my own experience.
Here it goes...

Back in 2007,
when I was around 12 and just hit my puberty,
my skin had the WORST. BREAKOUT. EVER.
 I started getting both small and big acnes HORRIBLY EVERYWHERE on my face.
I just didn't know what happened to me, all the acne started appearing uncontrollably on my cheeks, forehead,  jaw, chin, nose, and even my NECK!

It was really saddening and painful to see, feel, touch or even think about it.
My mom was pretty shocked too seeing my condition,
so she decided to bring me to see my very first dermatologist.
They gave me pimple creams, cleansing wash, lotions, toners, and some pills to take to reduce the oil (sebum) and control my raging puberty hormones.
It went well for a while, and managed to tame my acne so I decided to let go of the pills and depend on the topical cream only and facial wash.
I thought my acne was cured but...


Not only my face, even my entire back (upper and lower), my chest and upper chest, neck, shoulders, even my upper arm is all covered with acne and eczema.
It was so heartbreaking... :'(
At that point of time, I really, really absolutely hated myself.
I couldn't even bear to see the mirror cause why?


At that point of time (2010), I took these pictures hoping
I could look back one day if I will ever have a clear skin in the future :)
These were the only clear selfie picture of me without any filters/edits
cause I barely take any selfies back then.

It was painful to lie down on my back sometimes because all the acne are inflamed and swollen. (yucks, I know)
I couldn't wear all the pretty backless dresses I used to wear or really nice tank tops because I don't have the self esteem to do so.

And don't even talk about bikinis.
I felt like burning all my bikinis.
 Whenever I swam, I'd always wear those really weird diver bodysuits that basically covers up my whole upper body.
 I did not even dare to wear t-shirts because the acne on my neck would show.

I hated myself to a point I gave up on my appearance.

Sadly, I pretty much even gave up on my social life too.
At times I didn't dare to look at people in their eyes when I talk to them,
I would always look down when I'm out.
I didn't even bother trying to make new friends, I stayed with my circle of friends all the time.
I guess I'm only most comfortable when..

I'm at home, alone, with no mirror.

Another confession would be that, whenever all my friends made fun of my acne, calling me "acne monster" or even asking why was my skin that way,
I would always just laugh it out though honestly it really, really hurt my feelings.
I was really hopeless and helpless.

It's not that I didn't even try to do anything about it, believe me I DID.
I kept changing more than I think 10 dermatologists.
For every new cream that I applied in front of the mirror,
my heart broke a little more each time.
I suffer through unbearable amount of pain for every facials I did.

I made my parents spend more than thousands and thousands of bucks over the years because they were really concerned about my skin condition and how it was affecting me emotionally.
I even went to one of the most so-called "effective and trustworthy" skin doctor, which of course was extremely costly.
And it turned out the same, it didn't help me at all.

This was when I really gave up..
And I'm literally left with just prayers :(

As time passed by, I guess I grew up.
What happened to me shaped my attitude towards life.
I came to a point where I would always just
towards everything.

I became rather indifferent of what people think about me or how I look
( which is honestly not a very good thing to do, obviously.. )
but I guess...
this indifference was the beginning of the acceptance towards myself.

When I started to have faith again in myself and my appearance,
I gave myself another shot and did my own researches.
Days and night I would read and read about skin issues, what to do and what not to do, tried to gain deeper knowledge and understand what was really going on with my skin.
I never ever stopped taking care of my skin regardless all the repetitive breakouts I kept getting.
I didn't give up.
And I guess I can say now that I have won the battle :')

So after all the years of pain, tears, and suffering I have went through,
( okay.. sounds dramatic but it really was pretty horrible, people suffering from acne would totally be on the same page with me! )

Here below are some of the advices that I could give which really helped me recover, ALOT.



Okay it's cliche but it really works.
Our body is made up of almost 60% water.
By not drinking enough water it affects how the body naturally works.
Water cools down your systems, flushes out and clean the toxins in your body.
You gotta clean your body from the inside too to prevent acne, not just from the outside!
As for the lemon slices, not only it helps you detoxifies your body and clear out your skin, it also boosts WEIGHT LOSS!
So drink up people, at least 2 litres - 3 litres a day!


Do not wait to wash your face when it's dirty or even feel lazy to do so.

After a sweaty day out, make sure you clean and wash your face when you go home right away, DO NOT WAIT.
And do not wash your face too often too, I usually wash my face twice or thrice a day if necessary.
Depending on what kind of skin you have (oily, dry, or combination) you have to know what's best needed for your own skin type.
It's so easy to know when you should or shouldn't wash!
When you feel sticky, oily, and dirty - OBVIOUSLY WASH YOUR FACE PLEASE!
and when it's super dry that it starts feeling tight and uncomfortable or even flaking - DONT WASH TOO OFTEN LA!
HAHA! ;)


To be honest, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to dermatologists, unless I really used and experienced it myself then different case.

I tend to trust my own judgements and instinct, so my advice is don't listen too much to advertisement especially just because the ad is so pretty, pinky, cute and all this.

If you have very sensitive skin, try finding products without alcohol, silicone, paraben, ammonia, or contains too much harsh chemicals. 
Try to find those products that are really specifically manufactured for sensitive skin, usually it's written on them.
Don't buy products that's all pretty and cute but you don't know what it does to you.
If you have a non-sensitive skin and you never breakout no matter what you do or use - WELL, FUCK YOU!
HAHA just kidding you're so luckyyyy TSK! HATE YOU!


They're just right on our face and you wanna pluck them off, burn them, slice them, whatever.. and make them go away.
But just don't, picking / popping your acne will create more scars in the future and make your skin have moonlike / strawberry-like surface ( with all the pores and scars), which I am suffering from right now boohoohooo..
So TRY, TRY, TRY to keep your hands away from your face.
If you really want to pop a poppable acne (with pus), try using a sterilized needle (dip it in alcohol first) instead so you don't damage the skin layers around the acne.
THEN apply your topical pimple cream to prevent further inflammation.


Don't eat too much. Just don't!
I don't need to elaborate so much since you probably know it's not good anyway!
Anything harmful to ur body is harmful for your skin too!
So healthy stuff for your body is healthy for your skin too!


I tend to breakout more if I don't sleep for some reason.
When you sleep your body detoxifies and cleanses the system.
So if you don't sleep, all the shitty stuff stays inside your body and DUH, it will show up on your skin too! 
I am still guilty of sleeping late and not having enough sleep but trust me I am making the effort to try to sleep more!
So you should too!


My mom once told me the more I think about my acne the more it will appear on my face.
I know how shitty it feels looking at your skin all ugly and bumpy but really, for once just give your mind and heart a break from all your negative thoughts and hate you throw on yourself.

You are not the only one experiencing it! A lot of other people do too! So it's not the end of the world.
Instead try to encourage yourself and do something about it instead of just complaining why are you born with such a shitty skin!
Do you know that negative emotions and thoughts can literally damage your health as your body is not producing enough "happy" chemicals to keep it healthy?

Another way to boost your health and skin is exercising!
Exercising produces chemicals that are capable of healing and making you look and feel good.
So throw away all those hatred, negativity, grudge, whatever aside and EXERCISE!
All for the sake of your own better skin! :)


You can't lose your acne overnight, so you really have to just be patient and go through with it.

Do what you have to do to improve your skin, keep taking care of yourself regardless of whatever happens to your skin.
Don't ever give up!
For girls, I know you breakout more during your period,
Just stay patient (really) and keep loving yourself no matter what.
I know it's easier said than done, but..
If I can do it, why can't you? ;)

This is my bare skin at the moment, it's not perfectly flawless but it's SO much better. :D
Still fighting to improve the conditions and get rid of the scars.



So I hope what I shared might be beneficial, useful, and informative for everyone who reads this.
It might not be complete or super professionally written,
but it's all based on my experience :)

"Confidence. Wear it like makeup."

Stay tuned for the part 2 of this sharing session where I will share about my daily skincare routine,
what to do and what not to do when choosing products to buy!

Thanks for reading! ♥
Stay sexaye, alright!♥

Huggies & Kissies,

22 May 2013

[REVIEW] Kiehl's - Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque


It has been sucha long time since I last written
Gosh... I've been really busy :(

But ta-daaa!

I'm back today with a review of a product I've recently bought
It's a facemask from Kiehl's

(I've always been a Kiehl's fan as their products are gentle for my sensitive skin
and as soon as I saw the extremely big ad for this product 
I'm just so, so itchy to buy it LOL)

The retail price for a tub should be around Singapore $40 (315k rupiah),
it's pretty worth it as one tub could last for a year
or even more, depending on how often you use it.

So after a short consultation, pretty much I get the idea of how to use it, what the mask does to your skin, and what the main ingredients are used in the mask.

This mask is made out of Amazonian White Clay,
oatmeal, aloe vera and other ingredients sourced from the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River!
(placebo effect much? :p)

what it's supposed to do is to 

Seems pretty tempting to try on huh? ;)
Especially for me, my oily skin and how unattractive my pores are
as I have all these little scars due to my 
severe acne during my early teenage years

It could be used for normal to oily skin, 
I don't recommend this to people with 
dry skin as it's supposed to get rid of excess sebum..

What impresses me is how there is no weird/strong smell of whatsoever 
as other clay masks that I've tried always smell so earthy :(

This light grey mask has a smooth texture 
It feels very light and watery.

The dermatologist in Kiehl's advised me to put a 
pretty thick layer for it to work better on the skin,

and it will turn hard in a few minutes
(That's what she said...LOL)
so you only need to leave it for around 5 minutes then rinse
it off with lukewarm water


I applied the mask using a foundation brush, 
I feel that it's more hygienic than using your hands,
or is it just me? nvm haha!
Some things I realized was that the mask gave a slight tingling feeling as soon as I put it on,
I felt rather skeptical at first as I thought the ingredients
were too harsh for my sensitive skin thus the burning feeling,

BUT the burning feeling faded eventually,
replaced by a rather cool and relaxing feeling :)
so pretty much it's good, 

I rinse it using a facial sponge and cold water,
the mask did not overdry my skin and thank goodness,
it didn't leave any itchiness so it's safe for me!
It also made my skin glow (like what most masks do)

I realized that after rinsing my skin, 
the pores are slighty smaller (less inflamed) and I could see
some whiteheads and blackheads popping out of my pores,
It was so easy to press them out to clean it,
so that's indeed one plus point for this mask! :)

I'll give this mask a rating of 8.5 out of 10!
Do let me know what you think if you tried this on too! :D

All products above are purchased by me, thus they weren't sponsored nor for free. These are all my honest personal opinions regarding the product.
On the event that I do receive a free sample, product, or discount I would state it in the individual blog post. :)

Stay sexaye, alright!♥

Huggies & Kissies,